Company Background Geosparc is a Belgian technology company with proven expertise in integrating geospatial technology with cutting-edge platform technology. We make the impact of our client’s policies predictable.


Company Background: Fairville is an IT company located in East Flanders that develops digital solutions to promote sustainable mobility, reduce waste consumption, boost the local economy, and reward neighbourhood care or mutual aid.


Company Background Multitel is the partner of choice for companies willing to develop and integrate cutting-edge technologies in various domains such as smartcities, transport and logistics, industry 4.0, healthtech, aeronautics and space, security and agrotech. Multitel, non-profit Research Centre, leads the charge in developing innovative engineering solutions using the latest innovations in science and technology […]


Company Background One of Citymesh’s particular fortes is developing innovative solutions for diverse sectors and niche markets, based on a combination of Mobile Private Networks (4G/5G/WiFi), communication tools like PTX, remote operations such as our Safety Drones, smart sensors and data visualisation.