Chaps Development

Company Background For 3 years, Chaps has supported local authorities and childcares by providing a complete management system. Our main product “BeKid” helps more than 250 childcares every day.


Company Background: Transforming your community into a smart city or municipality requires technology and systems. But the key to success are your citizens. They are the ones you do it for and their engagement will make or break an innovative project.


Company Background Hoplr – pronounced «hopler» – was founded by Jennick Scheerlinck and Jonas Heirwegh, back in 2014. Hoplr connects neighbours and stimulates social cohesion through offline engagement.


Company Background Our local authorities are forced to do more with less resources. In addition, citizens have incorporated the new digital technologies into their everyday life as well as their professional life. As a result, they expect local authorities to do the same. They demand a more efficient, user-friendly and faster administration, and a more […]