Company Background Cloudless End-to-end embedded AI solutions with 100% privacy for Smart Cities, Public Cleanliness, Safety, …


Company Background Avia-GIS and its partner IRIDEON have a strong background in the development of scientifically sound systems to monitor, map and predict in a user-friendly way the risk of vector-borne diseases.

Mobile Locker nv

Company Background Mobile Locker provides smart locker solutions for many different applications. Outdoor, indoor, in ski areas or on beaches. For luggage storage, battery charging, or parcel delivery. We do it all.

Geo Mobility

Company Background Founded in January 2020 in Belgium, Geo Mobility brings real-time and historical traffic insights to cities around the world (Helsinki, Dublin, Amsterdam, Madrid,…), consulting firms, law enforcement and retail.


Company Background One of Citymesh’s particular fortes is developing innovative solutions for diverse sectors and niche markets, based on a combination of Mobile Private Networks (4G/5G/WiFi), communication tools like PTX, remote operations such as our Safety Drones, smart sensors and data visualisation.