Rear Window BV

Company Background Telraam is the brainchild of Transport & Mobility Leuven, a transport policy research company, Mobiel 21, an NGO with focus on citizen engagement and, a digital studio.

Prodata PTexcellence

Company Background Prodata PTexcellence is a Belgian manufacturer of advanced payment and ITS solutions for Public Transport and more (parking, bike rental, …)


Company Background Localyse was founded in 2015. In January 2020 the mobility department Geo Mobility was added. Geo Mobility brings real-time and historical traffic insights to cities around the world (Helsinki, Dublin, Amsterdam, Madrid,…), consulting firms, law enforcement and retail.


Company Background The company specializes in Smart Parking Systems and Smart EV Charging systems integrated using local apps and cloud based software suites.


Company Background Geosparc is a Belgian technology company with proven expertise in integrating geospatial technology with cutting-edge platform technology. We make the impact of our client’s policies predictable.


Company Background D2D3 is a company of services in the development of specific applications for GIS, data recovery, encoding, data creation and integration thereof in different systems.


Company Background As an expert in road and urban infrastructures, the LACROIX City Activity facilitates mobility thanks to innovative equipment and connected technologies, serving communities and users.


Company Background Multitel is the partner of choice for companies willing to develop and integrate cutting-edge technologies in various domains such as smartcities, transport and logistics, industry 4.0, healthtech, aeronautics and space, security and agrotech. Multitel, non-profit Research Centre, leads the charge in developing innovative engineering solutions using the latest innovations in science and technology […]