Safety & Security

Along with obvious benefits among which safer urban environments, Smart Cities also bring new potential threats, especially related to cyber-attacks and citizen privacy.
Visit our pavilion and discover how Belgian exhibitors can help you make our cities safer.

Featured Exhibitors:


Name : Jef Van Hyfte
Job Title : CEO
Mobile : +32 496 39 52 73
E-mail : [email protected]

Company Background
Mobile Locker provides smart locker solutions for many different applications. Outdoor, indoor, in ski areas or on beaches. For luggage storage, battery charging, or parcel delivery. We do it all.

Range of Products or Solutions
Collibree: Smart, sturdy outdoor lockers for parcel delivery, luggage storage, and more.
S4FE: certified fire safe lockers to store and charge lithium batteries.
V-Line: Smart indoor locker solution, aimed to automate wardrobes for night clubs, museums, and more.
Mobile Locker: easily movable locker containers for festivals, other events and beaches.

Added Value / Unique Selling Point
Smart, automated, online managed products.
Less personnel required after locker deployment
Generate income without personnel
Strong Belgian business with much internal know-how

Main References

City of Antwerp: we deployed an automated smart city hub in the city center
Brussels Airport: fully automated luggage storage lockers.


KIWA K-0211187/01 Certification: fire safety certification for the S4FE locker. Tested and proven 60 minutes fire safety for Lithium Batteries.
CE certification on all our products.


Job Title: CEO
Mobile: +32 474 31 95 71
E-mail: [email protected]

Company Background
Avia-GIS and its partner IRIDEON have a strong background in the development of scientifically sound systems to monitor, map and predict in a user-friendly way the risk of vector-borne diseases.

Range of Products or Solutions
We develop smart systems to monitor health risk in smart cities. Our focus is on diseases transmitted by mosquitoes and how automated mosquito monitoring systems (VECMAP) using connected traps (VECTRACK) help city planners design climate mitigation measures to reduce urban heath island effects and make cities a better place to live.

Added Value / Unique Selling Point
VECMAP and VECTRACK are unique systems that contribute to significantly reduce the effort needed to accurately monitor and map the risk of mosquito-borne diseases in smart cities. Together they are invaluable to help mitigate the risk of climate mitigation measures: greener cities are also more attractive to mosquitoes and their likes…!

Main References
VECMAP has been used in more than 200 scientific publications to map and model the risk of vector-borne diseases. VECTRACK is a new kid on the block based on the results of published scientific work.


VECMAP and VECTRACK have been certified by our peers through the publication of independent peer reviewed scientific papers.


Name : Laurent RENARD
Job Title : CEO & Founder
Mobile : +32477869363
E-mail : [email protected]

Company Background

Cloudless End-to-end embedded AI solutions with 100% privacy for Smart Cities, Public Cleanliness, Safety, …

Range of Products or Solutions :

PAI Core : Cost effective Edge AI Video Card to be integrated into your application

PAI Box : Quick integration inside a camera network with multiple capabilities

PAI Cam : All in one box with embedded camera for easy deployment
MASTER : An intuitive green computing active learning system on appliances

Added Value / Unique Selling Point

We are manufacturing edge on-device AI HW products.

We are specialist about embedded AI and therefore embedded AI training.

We supply an end-to-end solution made of HW+SW+AI.

Main References

Port of Antwerp, RATP, Securitas Belgium, Renault, …


Name : Hans Similon
Job Title : General Manager - Citymesh Safety Drone
Mobile : +32 476 02 01 21
E-mail : [email protected]

Company Background
One of Citymesh’s particular fortes is developing innovative solutions for diverse sectors and niche markets, based on a combination of Mobile Private Networks (4G/5G/WiFi), communication tools like PTX, remote operations such as our Safety Drones, smart sensors and data visualisation.

Range of Products or Solutions
Mobile Private Networks: Wi-Fi, IoT, 4G, 5G
Operator Networks: becoming the 4th telecom operator in Belgium
Drone Operator: Innitiator of world’s first safety drone shield

Added Value / Unique Selling Point
The private characteristics of these networks. The client’s data stays private at all times. This means that the data is secured and is never vulnerable. The networks are ultra reliable, flexible and fast.

Main References
Brussels Airport Company
Port of Antwerp-Bruges